How to Spot Mobile Game Influencers Faking Their Followers

News and Articles | July 14, 2022

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Marketers want to choose influencers with many followers and good engagement rates. How else can they reach the audience they need with the marketing campaign? 

The number of followers an influencer has and their engagement rates are key factors that affect possible sponsorships. Those with fewer followers or poor engagement rates may lose chances of sponsorship, and will generally be paid less per post in comparison to influencers with more fans. 

Unfortunately, this reality has led some influencers, including those in the mobile gaming sector, to falsify their account stats to get sponsorship deals they would otherwise be unable to achieve.

For game brands planning to incorporate influencers into their campaign, fake followers can be a dangerous stumbling block. If you choose the wrong mobile game influencer, your campaign may fall flat on its face while paying inflated rates.

So what should you look out for when planning a mobile game influencer marketing campaign?

  • A lack of information on the profile can indicate a fake account.
  • Accounts that are followed by a far larger number of people than they are followed by.
  • The number of posts made is drastically less than the followers they have. 
  • Engagement rates that are suspiciously high or low in comparison to average may be falsified. 
  • A false following can also be identified by looking at the comments. If all posts have the same comments then these may not be genuine.

While this is not a conclusive list, it provides an excellent starting point and covers the most common elements of an influencer account with fake followers.

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