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We are passionate about conducting creative and engaging Influencer Marketing Campaigns. We consult and manage content creators on YouTube and Twitch.

Working with one of the top influencer marketing agencies is different. Our most important resource is our multiple years of experience in Influencer Marketing. Improving and optimizing our clients’ ROAS is our most important goal. Understanding what creator verticals work for the targeting and KPI of your product is what differentiates us.

Don’t waste your marketing budget on underperforming and non-converting Influencer campaigns. Instead, invest your money wisely and select partners carefully. We are the best influencer marketing agency for developing the effectiveness of your marketing strategy within your budget.

We don’t just create ads. We personalize them and tell stories in the most interactive and converting ways to ensure improved levels of engagement with potential customers.

The market is global. You will need an influencer marketing agency that understands how best to market you locally and worldwide. We have experts in influencer marketing in Europe, the USA, and beyond. Don’t let your success go to waste. Our region specialists are here to help. Whether you need strategic influencer marketing in Germany, France, or elsewhere, you can count on us.

Our long-term customers have good reason to trust us. Surpass brings practical, dynamic, and effective influencer marketing to your strategy. With us beside you, growth is guaranteed. 

Our influencer marketing consultants create viral and unbeatable performing Influencer Marketing Campaigns. In addition, we consult and manage content creators to help them grow their audience and interaction rate concurrently.

The career success of a content creator is reliant on many aspects, including partnerships, merchandise, events, collaborations and much more.

The top influencer marketing agencies can ensure that every element is taken care of by experts with strategic experience.

Surpass Management helps content creators fully focus on creating their content while the pros work on strategically growing their community and business.

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We Know the right Influencers for every targeting & every product.

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A Few Latest Influencer Campaigns


Dragon City

Dragon City is a action-packed and alternating game published by SocialPoint, a mobile game development studio in Barcelona.

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  • Influencer involved: 50+
  • Creator vertical: Gaming
  • Country targeted: USA
  • Total subscribers: 60M+
  • Total unique views: 55M+
  • Average engagement rate on YouTube videos: 4,60%



XGIMI is a leading tech-company specialized in innovative and leading projectors to assure their customers a cinema experience wherever they are!

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  • Influencers involved: 15
  • Creator Vertical:: Tech & Lifestyle
  • Country targeted: GER, FR, ESP
  • Total subscribers: 10M+
  • Total unique Views: 1M+
  • Average engagement rate: 8%
Dragon Brawlers



If you are looking to securely browse the internet anonymously you don’t have to look any further. Our partner NordVPN is perfect for you!

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  • Influencers involved: 100+
  • Creator Vertical: Adult Male targeting
  • Country targeted: Worldwide
  • Total subscribers: 50M
  • Total Unique Impressions: 30M+
  • Total Subscribers on Twitch: 5M+
  • Average CCV on Twitch: 4,000
  • Overall unique Views: 10M+


Monster Legends

With over 600 monsters, exciting strategies, and live battles, Monster Legends is a game you can never get enough of. Collect, breed and train them to build your monster army and face the ultimate challenge: real-time battles against other Monster Masters! Published by SocialPoint, Surpass-Agency works closely together with Monster Legends.

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  • Influencers involved: 35+
  • Creator vertical: Gaming
  • Country targeted: USA
  • Total subscribers: 40M+
  • Total unique views: 25M+
  • Average engagement rate on YouTube videos: 4,85%
Match Masters


Match Masters

A new way to enjoy Match-3! Play exciting three-wins games against other players all around the world or challenge your family and friends in battles. Introducing colorful boosters and different game modes Match Masters is one of the hottest Match-3 Games in 2022 with over 15M Downloads across the App Stores.

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  • Influencers involved: 50+
  • Platform: YouTube & TikTok
  • Creator vertical: Gaming, Lifestyle, Vlogs & more
  • Country targeted: Germany, United Kingdom
  • Total subscribers: 30M+
  • Total unique views: 20M+



Are you a fan of posters of your favorite super heroes, movie stars, musicians or also just cars, nature or food? Then Displate is the place for you to go!

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  • Influencers involved: 10+
  • Platform: YouTube
  • Creator vertical: Movies, Anime, Gaming
  • Country targeted: USA
  • Total subscribers: 5M+
  • Total unique views: 2M+
Honkai Impact


Honkai Impact

Are you a fan of Anime, action and open world games? Honkai Impact 3rd is the spiritual follow-up to Houkai Gakuen 2 and uses many of the amazing Characters in a seperate story-line. Honkai offers a thrilling battle and gameplay experience in an open-world on your phone and your Computer.

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  • Influencers involved: 20+
  • Platform: YouTube
  • Creator vertical: Gaming, Anime
  • Country targeted: USA, Brazil, Mexico
  • Total subscribers: 10M+
  • Total unique views: 8M+



Manscaped is the razor brand that takes care of all the hair hygiene for the men body.

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  • Influencers involved: 35+
  • Platform: YouTube
  • Creator vertical: Gaming, outdoor, education, cars & motorbikes
  • Country targeted: USA, Germany, France
  • Total subscribers: 5M+
  • Total unique views: 2M+
  • Average engagement rate on YouTube videos: 8%



Dive into the world of Dislyte, a stylish urban mythological RPG with striking visual effects and outstanding Character designs & animation. Collect and build your own Team of Espers and get ready for futuristic myth.

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  • Influencers involved: 18
  • Platform: YouTube
  • Creator vertical: Gaming, Anime, Movies
  • Country targeted: USA, Germany, Brazil, Mexico
  • Total subscribers: 7M+
  • Total unique views: 4M+

Our Team

We like to work with people that understand the importance of good communication, for brands that have good things to show and belive in what they’re doing.

Michel Harder

Chief Executive Officer

Josef Schalumov

Chief Marketing Officer

Elias Malki

Head of Business Development (DACH)

Patryk Hasegawa

Head of Twitch Campaigns

Rafaela Ribeiro Barreto

Influencer Team Lead Brazil

Jana Amodeo

Business Development Overseas

Til Harder

Senior Campaign Manager

Louis Silva

Campaign Manager

Béla Schulsinger

Campaign Manager

Alixander Shaipov

Campaign Manager

Zaid Nalshek

Campaign Manager

Michael Molla

Campaign Manager

Raymundo Rocha

Campaign Manager Brazil

Jay Velasco

Account Manager

Michael Kozlowski

Graphic Designer

Content Creators

Explore many of Surpass amazing content creators on YouTube and Twitch.



With his amazing and entertaining Minecraft Videos Bubbo and his friends had a super successful year in 2021 growing a large fanbase of Minecraft gamers from all around the world, bringing communities together and creating a personal connection to his fanbase.



In his crazy Minecraft videos, LockDownLife is overcoming hard challenges, creating great tension throughout his videos to keep his fans excited and entertained throughout his challenges. During 2021 LockDownLife has grown a large fanbase of Minecraft gamers that are excited for each of his videos.

Reactions & YT News


Onurcan is creating reaction content on his YouTube channel. With his funny and entertaining personality, he is entertaining and connecting with thousands of followers daily.

Reactions & Entertainment


Arwirano is hitting the spirit of the time with reacting to and talking about viral and trendy videos and topics in the German celebrity and YouTube scene. Connecting with his fans due to his down to earth personality.

Dark Souls & RPG's

Amazing Chest

Amazing Chest is exciting his viewerbase with extreme gameplay videos of different games from the Souls-Series. Beating thrilling speed-runs and unbelieveable challenges is what makes him so unique!

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