The world of gaming is continuously advancing and progressing. Currently, the mobile game market is enormous and promises fantastic marketing opportunities.

People worldwide enjoy mobile gaming, and the industry is estimated to be worth over $70 billion. The explosion of mobile games has also led to a significant increase in market competitiveness. If you want to succeed and attract attention and interaction from your optimal audience, you need to consider gamer influencer marketing.

Surpass-Agency has years of experience in influencer marketing, especially regarding influencer marketing for games.

We are investing in growing our mobile game influencer marketing capabilities. Thanks to our dedication and efforts, we can offer our clients outstanding new opportunities to collab with some of the industry's favorite mobile game influencers.


Why do our customers choose mobile game influencer marketing with us?

Surpass has quickly established itself as the go-to marketing agency in the world of influencer marketing, especially in the gaming industry. We have a unique passion and knowledge of the industry that has helped us develop and enhance brands' campaigns.

You can count on us to provide you with innovative marketing campaigns expertly executed and an impressive network of connections to further propel your brand and product.

Not everyone knows how best to do mobile game influencer marketing. If you choose the wrong agency or go it alone, you may see your marketing budget sunk into schemes that don't offer any real or tangible results.

Surpass Agency has spent years evolving. Today we have established strong connections with mobile game influencers in the USA, UK, and elsewhere.

Why not use our services to boost your marketing for a new game launch. Our team can support your promotions right the way from pre to post-launch. Check out our case studies and KPIs to see the excellent results achieved for past clients and their mobile games.

Don't hesitate to let us know if you have any mobile game influencers (USA, UK, or Europe). We might already have established a relationship with them, and if not, we will be able to help you form a connection. Our experts will also take the time to advise you on if specific influencers suit your brand, and we'll offer alternatives to help you create the best possible campaign.

Choose to thrive and partner up with us for expert mobile game influencer marketing.

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Case Studies

The best gaming influencer marketing agency is one that caters to your specific business needs and goals. Effective marketing requires a carefully-considered, customized, and multi-aspect approach. That is what we do.

And you don't just have to take our word for it. Check out our case studies to see exactly what we have been doing and who we have helped so far.

01. Dragon City

  • Influencers Involved: 50+
  • Creator Vertical: Gaming
  • Country Targeted: USA
  • Total Subscribers: 60M+
  • Total Unique Impressions: 55M+
  • Average Engagement Rate (YouTube): 4,60%

02. Monster Legends

  • Influencers involved: 35+
  • Creator vertical: Gaming
  • Country targeted: USA
  • Total subscribers: 40M+
  • Total unique Views: 25M+
  • Average engagement rate on YouTube videos: 4,85%

03. NordVPN YouTube

  • Influencers: 17+
  • Creator vertical: Gaming, Finance, Education, Entertainment
  • Country Targeted: USA, CAN, UK, AUS
  • Total Subscribers: 14M+
  • Total unique Views: 4.2M+
  • Average Engagement Rate (YouTube): 5.5%

04. Dragon Brawlers

  • Influencers involved: 35+
  • Creator vertical: Gaming
  • Country targeted: USA
  • Total subscribers: 40M+
  • Total unique Views: 25M+
  • Average engagement rate on YouTube videos: 4,85%

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