What is YouTube Influencer Marketing All About?

News and Articles | April 20, 2022

Youtube influencer marketing

Youtube has the most users out of any other social media platform worldwide. If you have considered influencer marketing, Youtube is probably one of the first platforms to come to mind.

Youtube attracts a wide array of influencers and audiences, you can find everything from gaming content to fashion videos and everything in between. A Youtube influencer marketing platform is the perfect place to start the campaign for many brands.

Unlike other platforms such as TikTok or Instagram, Youtube focuses primarily on offering audiences longer-length videos. Youtube influencer marketing, therefore, provides brands with the chance to create more in-depth content that fully engages their audience.

You can think of Youtube influencer marketing as a modern version of TV marketing deals. Only in this case, you cut out the big network and establish a relationship directly with the influencer themselves.

Many people have become tired and resistant to traditional advertising. Influencer marketing helps brands to feel more authentic. An influencer acts like a lovable friend in common who is recommending a product they rate, rather than just pushing something irrelevant in which most of their audience has little to no interest.

Conversion rates are typically around 5 times higher with influencer marketing than traditional pre and mid-roll advertisements. Every dollar you spend multiplies. With such great potential returns, it is no surprise that more and more brands are choosing to form partnerships within the Youtube influencer marketing platform.

Youtube is also one of the most well-established social media platforms. It has already developed both formal and informal advertisement setups that allow brands to promote themselves and their products in multiple ways.

Today, it is essential to use various channels to reach out and engage audiences. Youtube allows you to diversify your approach within the platform and beyond.

Youtube influencer marketing is all about finding new and authentic ways to connect with your audience.